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Our experience and knowledge in local markets allows us to focus on our customer relations and use our 150+ years of combined experience in the Kansas, Missouri and Ohio real estate markets to provide stable growth for our investment portfolio.

Real Estate Investment and Property Management Turnkey real estate investing is a great way to increase cash flow in a high return market without the need of constantly monitoring your property’s upkeep. Here at US REEB, our team makes it easy to invest in fully rehabilitated, tenant-occupied properties, so all you have to do is invest your money, and let us do the rest. You can be an investor and not a landlord by enlisting the help of one of the best turnkey real investment companies operating today.

You can eliminate the middleman and invest in properties without having to live in them or look over daily operations. All the regular management, maintenance, and repairs is handled by us.The real estate market is ripe for the taking in areas like Kansas City, MO, and Dayton, OH, so you must not delay in getting in touch with us. You will see growing return on your investment since we research the most profitable areas, meaning your investment will succeed with minimum risk and maximum profitability. We will pre-vet properties that will yield the highest returns for you.

Turnkey real estate investing can be overwhelming. We will help take the guesswork out of the whole process, simplifying it while also ensuring your investment is safe with us. You will create long-term wealth by investing in prime real estate, so a wise investor should seriously consider turnkey real estate investing.Call us today to get started.

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Cash-Flowing, Rehabbed Properties in Dayton, OH and Kansas City, MO

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In-house Property Management to Manage your Portfolio of Properties

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