Dayton , Ohio

Housing Market Information

The median price of a single-family home is around $136,900.  With a population of 801,000 residents and 57,316 total housing units (homes and apartments).

62.7% of properties are single-family homes, the most common housing type in Dayton, Ohio.  Other types of housing that are prevalent in Dayton include large apartment complexes or high rise apartments (18.7%), duplexes and homes converted to apartments or other small apartment buildings (10.8%), and a few townhomes (6.5%).

Dayton, Ohio is made up of 56.7% renters and 43.4% home owners. The most prevalent building size and type in Dayton are two and three bedroom dwellings, mainly found in single-family detached homes. 

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Unique Dayton Experiences (Click the photos below):

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park   National Museum of the USAF  Boonshoft Museum of Discovery    

Additional Information

Dayton’s downtown is revitalized and offers many attractions and activities. The most popular activity is aviation.  The city offers many resources for enthusiasts such as the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, The National Museum of U.S. Air Force and the Wright Brothers National Memorial. 

Dayton also is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts- offering nearly 20 metro parks and 330 miles of biking trails. 

Dayton is a popular brewing city as well and is home to 12 craft and microbreweries!