Dayton’s Best Neighborhoods for Investment

Dayton is still one the best-kept secrets in real estate investing.  This Ohio market continues to grow, and along with it, plenty of investment opportunities. In spite of this, not many investors are looking at it seriously – which is crazy!


Whether you’re new to the area or are investing remotely, you probably have a lot of questions about which parts of town are best to buy into. I’ve been investing in Dayton for a little over a year now, so I’ve gotten familiar with the city and its neighborhoods. Here are the areas I recommend targeting for investment:


Kettering – Fun fact: Kettering is the home of Bart Simpson. Well, actually, it’s the home of Nancy Cartwright, who supplied Bart’s voice in The Simpsons, but it’s still a pretty cool claim to fame.  Now onto more important things…like the investment climate here. It’s actually great. Kettering is a suburb of 56,000, making it the largest in the Dayton area. It’s well-known in the area for all the fun things to do here, like summer concerts in the park, ice skating in the winter, and lots of other recreational opportunities. Homes go for around $130,000, with values steadily increasing each year.


Englewood – In recent years, Englewood has been called one of Dayton’s best areas. This suburb lies a few miles northwest of Dayton and has a population of around 13,000. It has a sort of “small town” feel, but it’s still close enough to Dayton to be near all the action. With a lower crime rate than inner city areas and good schools, Englewood is a great place for investors wanting single-family homes that cater to families. The median home price in Englewood is $123,700.


Walnut Hills – This is a nice, blue-collar neighborhood where the cost of living is lower and there’s a real sense of community. Located within the city limits of Dayton, Walnut Hills is close to downtown and lots of entertainment and recreational opportunities. Some of these include sporting events from the University of Dayton or even a stroll through the peaceful Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum. Many of the homes in Walnut Hills are historic, giving the neighborhood plenty of character and charm. The average price to buy in this area is around $58,500, so it’s a great choice for budget-minded investors.


University Park – Next door to Walnut Hills is University Park, another affordable and historic neighborhood that’s got all the hustle and bustle that goes with being next to a college campus. With the University of Dayton so close, this is an ideal neighborhood for investors who are interested in renting to college students and others associated with the university. In addition to this selling point, there are lots of shops, restaurants, and bars, so it is definitely an attractive area for prospective tenants.


These are just a few of the great neighborhoods that are full of investment opportunities in Dayton. Don’t be fooled because all the other investors you know aren’t talking about it; Dayton is on the rise, with a stable economy and good, steady growth and property appreciation. If you’re a buy-and-hold investor, don’t wait to get in on this action!


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