Marketing Tools for Real Estate Investors

If you own rental property, then you know that marketing makes up an important part of your role. For investors, ‘marketing’ is sort of an umbrella term that consists of finding new properties, making new connections with others in the industry, and marketing properties to prospective tenants or other buyers. With this much “marketing” going on, it only makes sense to find some great tools that can help you along the way.


A stellar website – It all starts here. Your website is basically an extension of you and your brand, and it really needs to be dynamite to stand out. For most of us, this means hiring a pro to build your site and keep it updated. If you’re tech savvy and can handle some of this on your own, that’s great, but just make sure you know your limitations – not to mention the strain on your time.  Programs like QuickSprout can also be used to help you identify what’s going on with your site when users access it, plus find ways to make improvements.


Google tools – In the same realm are the Google-based tools you can use to grow and improve your online presence, as well as generate leads. Three that I like are Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Alerts. Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service out there, offering insight on all your web traffic. You can see which parts of your site are visited most often, evaluate page performance, and even find out where visitors are located. Google Adwords is another tool that can funnel more traffic to your site. With it, you are essentially paying for a top spot in search engine listings, which increases your visibility and makes it easier for people to find you. Lastly, we have Google Alerts, which allow you to input topics you’re interested in, and then Google notifies you when new and relevant content is available. It’s a great way to stay on top of industry news, your local market, and anything else you want.


Social media – If you’re not already using social media as a marketing tool, you are doing  yourself a major disservice. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to market yourself and your properties, as well as to interact and network with others in the biz. It doesn’t really matter which platform you’re using, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, so long as you’re active on it and your posts are relevant to your business and designed to engage others. If you use multiple forms of social media, I recommend using something like Hootsuite to help manage the various platforms and allow you to cross-post more easily.


Photoshop – Everyone knows what Photoshop is, right? It’s that handy tool you can use to remove blemishes, swap backgrounds, or even put your face on top of Brad Pitt’s body (circa 1995).  In all seriousness though, this is a fantastic tool that can be used to improve the aesthetic appeal of photos and other visual elements that you use in your marketing strategies.  You want everything to appear it’s best, don’t you? If you don’t want to pay the monthly subscription for Photoshop, check out Photoshop Express, which is totally free and has basic features such as lighting corrections, image flipping and much more.


These are just a few things you can add to your marketing efforts that can help boost traffic, generate leads, optimize engagement, and most importantly, result in better use of your time and money.


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