Vanessa V

The main reason I invest in Kansas City is because it is a solid cashflowing market. I found the ratio of price to rent very favorable for investors interested in cash flow. Also, the job growth outlook for KC is strong and Missouri laws tend to be landlord-friendly. I visited KCMO and thought it was a desirable place to live. I’ve told many friends and family members about my success in investing with USREEB and no one here in California can believe the cash flow I’m getting for a relatively low cash out of pocket.  After success with one home, I decided to buy two more properties with USREEB. I have found these investments to be very hands-off for two reasons: because the homes are turnkey, with everything in repair and updated before the properties are rented out, and because USREEBPM pretty much handles everything without me having to step in. I have had stable tenants so far and am very happy with the performance I’ve seen. I would invest with USREEB again if I decide to purchase more homes in KCMO.  I have recommended USREEB to many friends. Thank you for helping me get started on my real estate investment journey!

Robert H

“Compared to other turnkey providers located in other parts of the country, the Kansas City market provides an impressive cash-on-cash return in a growing metropolitan city. My experience with both USREEB and USREEBPM has been outstanding. Whenever issues come up, they are dealt with promptly and resolved. My experience has been very positive both the sales and property management divisions of the company.  I plan to invest with USREEB again in the future and absolutely would recommend them to my colleagues. I plan on having a long relationship with USREEB as I build my real estate investing portfolio.” 




Anne & Tim

Kansas City is an ideal rental market that we can find properties with good cash flow. We feel very pleasant to work with USREEB. Sean is a great turnkey provider. He is sharp and experienced. The quality of his rehab is well controlled. The staff are friendly and efficient. The management so far is headache free. Plus he offers us properties with good cash flow in an efficient pace. We feel comfortable to purchase from USREEB. As long as the numbers meet our strategy, we will buy it.

Britny & Alfonso Z

“We did our research and found that Kansas City is a growing market (largest city in Missouri), median home prices have increased from previous years, and the cost of living is below the U.S average. [Our experience with USREEB has been] amazing!  The entire staff has been professional and super responsive throughout the entire process.  Considering we were looking at using another company in Indiana to purchase our first investment property (which did not go well), USREEB blew them out of the water and far exceeded our expectations.  Moreover, Mackaylee Beach has been our go-to contact who has provided superior guidance and exhibited professionalism each step of the way. We are actually in the process of reviewing USREEB’s current inventory so that we can purchase 1-2 more properties before the end of the year. [Overall] A+ Company with A+ Staff!”

Magin C

I chose Kansas City for the diversified job market and high rent/value ratio.  My experience with USREEB has been spectacular and I will be investing with USREEB again! Mackaylee Beach has been wonderful to work with!  She is organized, competent and communicates well.

Ed H

USREEB provides a truly unique opportunity for every day people (like myself) to invest in real estate. Unlike others, they really mean it that they are “in it for the investor.” Whether you are purchasing 1 or 10 homes, USREEB is there for you all the way. They laid out the red carpet for me and displayed their talent like musicians in an orchestra.

Daniel T

I chose to invest in Kansas City because I was looking for a long term (20-30 year) goal and Kansas City’s rental market supported that long term cash-flow goal. I like that the rents are higher than most of the country for the price of the homes available through USREEB. Furthermore, the population has a mild increase but more importantly the city holds a million people within a short distance from the investment which means there will always be rental market. Also being a sports fan who couldn’t be a fan of the Royals! Go Royals!

Jason H

I chose KC due to the lower real estate taxes than other markets, thus increasing my ROI. Sean at USREEB goes out of his way to ensure I am a thoroughly satisfied customer. Pretty much every single issue found in my home inspection reports are taken care of promptly. Because of this, I have purchased multiple properties and would have no reservations recommending USREEB to friends and family.

Zachary G

Kansas City provides affordable properties with excellent returns. My experience with both USREEB and USREEBPM has been absolutely fantastic!! I could not ask for a more knowledgeable, attentive and strategic company to work with. I have already purchased two properties with USREEB and will continue to buy more.

Marco C

Kansas City seems to be a great cash flow market. If the good communication, solid deals, and responsive service continues then yes, [I will continue to invest with USREEB].