Vanessa V

The main reason I invest in Kansas City is because it is a solid cashflowing market. I found the ratio of price to rent very favorable for investors interested in cash flow. Also, the job growth outlook for KC is strong and Missouri laws tend to be landlord-friendly. I visited KCMO and thought it was a desirable place to live. I’ve told many friends and family members about my success in investing with USREEB and no one here in California can believe the cash flow I’m getting for a relatively low cash out of pocket.  After success with one home, I decided to buy two more properties with USREEB. I have found these investments to be very hands-off for two reasons: because the homes are turnkey, with everything in repair and updated before the properties are rented out, and because USREEBPM pretty much handles everything without me having to step in. I have had stable tenants so far and am very happy with the performance I’ve seen. I would invest with USREEB again if I decide to purchase more homes in KCMO.  I have recommended USREEB to many friends. Thank you for helping me get started on my real estate investment journey!