5 Apps to Unleash Your Inner Real Estate Investor

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What’s the key to effective real estate investing? Is it intuition? A sixth sense that separates you from the pack? A nose for deals that no one else can smell?

Nope! The truth is that real estate investing – in fact, any investing – is research, knowledge, and timing. With these keys, you can build a robust portfolio and realize significant returns on investment. And a few great tools can help as well. Let’s take a look at 5 real estate investment apps that give you the power of information and insight at the tips of your fingers.

  • Zillow. You know we had to go there. You can’t talk about real estate apps and not mention this phenomenally popular tool. Used by over 70 million people, investors can get in on the action.

Zillow allows you to create various searches, set up alerts for new properties that align with your criteria, gather pricing information in specific neighborhoods, and look up information on properties (e.g. tax records). Zillow also offers a wealth of informational articles on all topics real estate.

Hone in on the locality in which you want to invest, and get to work!

  • Zurple. Crazy name, crazy good app. For investors, landlords, and building managers, Zurple is a supercharged virtual assistant. It can help you generate leads, convert them into tenants, and market your properties effectively. Zurple tracks searchers’ browsing habits (looking at budget and preferences) and directs listings to them. Looking for renters? This may be how you find them.
  • TEN-X Commercial. Investors can access information on current real estate deals, look over due diligence and submit offers, anytime, anywhere. You’ll also get alerts as new properties come on the market, browse active and sold properties, and even make offers via your device.
  • BiggerPockets. Connect to the social network for real estate investors. You can find countless informational articles, as well as tools, resources, and data to help you make the best choices for your portfolio-building goals. This is an especially great choice for beginners: you can learn the fundamentals of real estate, making connections, and making deals. BiggerPockets, bigger returns? Try it and see!
  • 10BII Calc HD Financial Calculator. Show me the money! As an investor, you want to maximize your returns while mitigating your risks. This financial calculator helps you figure out returns using data from monthly payments, interest rates, present values, future values, amortization schedules, cash flow, and more.

When you upgrade to the paid version (just $5.99), you can also access calculators that clue you in on TVM, or time value of money. TVM posits that a specified amount of money know is worth more than the same amount in the future due to its earning potential. This can help you make the right calls in terms of your investments.

Real estate investing isn’t mystical or magical. It’s logical, strategic, and based on solid data and intel. These apps, and many more, can give you the information and insight you need to effectively build your portfolio.

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