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US Real Estate Equity Builder’s (USREEB) objective is to provide a wonderful turn-key investing experience for our clients. Our experience and knowledge in local markets allows us to focus on our customer relations and use our 100+ years of combined experience in the Kansas, Missouri and Ohio real estate markets to provide stable growth for our investment portfolio

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We Build Relationships That Build Wealth

Developing positive relationships with our clients is essential in creating a satisfying investment experience. Maintaining frequent and clear communications provides investors an understanding that every investment is significant to both the investor and to USREEB. We treat investors with the utmost respect and carry forward that respect in the maintenance of our portfolio of properties.


Minimize Risk and Maximize Profitability

By providing fully occupied, completely updated and managed turn-key real estate assets, USREEB investors are able to achieve their real estate investment goals at a very high level.

USREEB eliminates the middle-man of investing and continues to remain competitive in the investing world. From the finely tuned rehabs to the closing processes to the placing of our tenants, USREEB remains attentive and detailed with everything that they do. We are extremely humbled by our growth and opportunity that we continue to create in the Kansas City, MO market that we have expanded to Dayton, OH to implement the same turn-key processes.

For questions or inquiry, please reach out to info@usreeb.com


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