Looking for Hot Turnkey Investment Property Opportunities? Try Dayton, Ohio

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Looking for Hot Turnkey Investment Property Opportunities? Try Dayton, Ohio

Forbes magazine recently called Dayton, Ohio – the Gem City – a “hidden gem of turnkey real estate investing.” If you are looking for an opportunity to invest, build your portfolio, and realize strong returns, Dayton is certainly on an exciting market in which to accomplish these goals.

The Gem City can become the crown jewel in your investment portfolio thanks to:

  • Comparatively lower costs. Compared to many top markets, the cost of entry in Dayton, Ohio is relatively low. A single-family property in turnkey condition can be had for as little as $65,000 – $100,000, and you could scoop up a duplex or multi-unit property for between $90,000 and $165,000. Cost isn’t the only factor to consider, of course: fortunately, Dayton has other perks to offer, as we’ll discuss below.
  • Strong job growth and employment. Dayton is one of the top metro areas in the country in terms of growth, increasing employment rate, median earnings, and relative property. Major employers, including Amazon and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, make the area attractive to those looking to relocate. And they’re going to need housing!

Dayton’s population increase is also boosted by its proximity to Cincinnati and the connection via I-75.

  • Rent-to-value ratio. Rent-to-value is the ratio of annual rental income to the price you paid for the property. So, if you bought a property for $200,000, and your annual rental income is $6000 ($500/month), your rent-to-value ratio is 3%. The minimum ratio you should aim for is 1 – 2%. You’ll get at least 1% in Dayton, with an increase for multi-unit properties.
  • Strong downtown. Dayton is pumping money into its downtown, and the results are proving that this is a wise investment. We’re seeing more new businesses move in, as well as more housing, as the downtown becomes a dining/shopping/recreation hub.
  • Advantageous conditions for landlords. Dayton is landlord-friendly. For example, eviction rules tend to favor the property owner, so it is easier to break ties with tenants who have ceased paying or have committed other serious infractions.

If you’re interested in turnkey properties, Dayton, Ohio is worth a close look. We specialize in this market, and have the neighborhood-level insight you need to find, evaluate, and purchase a property that will drive you towards your investment goals.

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